1. Eco—friendly Dredqer(Amphibian Cutter Suction Dredger)/ Patent NO. 10—0937733
    Baekkun had developed a multi-workable amphibian cutter suction dredger by ourselves
    more than 10 years ago.
    It is able to work with pump Dredging, Backhoe Dredging, and pile Driving etc.
  2. Eco—friendly Equipment and mathod for separation dredqinq soil/ Patent NO. 10—0939175
  3. Eco—friendly underwater dredging device and methid/ Patent NO. 10—0922414
    This device is for pirification of contrninative discharging water
  4. Amphibious Dredger/ Patent NO. 10—1013508
    Amphibian Cutter Suction Dredger which we had developed by ourselves is very
    useful for lower water level, and it moves into/out the water by itself.
    our Companys Amphibian Dredger has the Strongpoint compare to other companys, it is
    much more safety, speedy and comfortable duning moving into/out water.
  5. Combined Dredger/ Patent NO. 10—1339890